Weight Loss Goals and Success

Friends and fans, I have some news but before I get to that, let me back up. When I started this blog, I felt really low because part of this horrid disorder is weight gain. We are prescribed so many pills to subdue our symptoms that we are often left in this downward spiral of shame and sickness. The sickness often happens from side effects caused by the pills prescribed to take away the pain caused by our illness. Following so far? We often feel worse than we did originally but we're told we must take the pills.

I've been on several different anti-depressants used to treat parts of this disorder that are not depression. Side effect: weight gain. I was on medication that had a primary goal of inflating my blood cells with water to keep my blood pressure elevated so I didn't pass out. Side effect: weight gain. I was also put on so many steroids to kill the inflammation that caused my body to hurt. Side effect: weight gain.

See where I'm going with this?

All the meds I was put on, while some were absolutely necessary, caused me to gain 40+ lbs in the course of about four months - before I was even diagnosed with dysautonomia. Once I was diagnosed, and I reached rock bottom, you might remember I sought alternative medical therapy. It did wonders for me. When I used to catch a cold, I would be house-bound and in bed for two weeks. Now I barely bat an eyelash. I am still symptomatic, so please think I'm 100% cured, I'm not but I'm feeling more like myself.

So, the big news?

I lost almost 30 pounds!!!!

I'm three pounds away from the 30 lb. mark! This isn't my ultimate goal mark and it's not even my first goal mark but it's a start! Truthfully, I didn't start this journey to lose weight, I wanted to get healthier and this just kind of happened. I have another 30 lbs to go if I want to be honest with myself but this is a start.

The other day I randomly bought jeans at Costco (yes, I do that now) and thought "maybe I'll try size 10 jeans!" I bought two pairs of pants that were size 10. Both pair fit me like a glove. That hasn't happened since before I gave birth to my oldest child four years ago.

Another goal I had was to be off most of my medication and the only meds I take now are for acid reflux, migraines, allergies, anti-emetics, and birth control. All 100% necessary. I used to take up to 20 meds a day. Now, I take up to five.

All-in-all, I'm very happy with my progress. It's nice to share something positive with you guys.


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