Moving On...

Last week, I was a little freaked out over how this holiday weekend was going to go. When you have an invisible illness, it's hard to plan for a holiday. This weekend, we spent a fair amount of time by our pool - which is generally a "no-no" for people with dysautonomia since heat can make you feel really ill. I got lucky. My kids took extra long naps on Saturday (which gave me time to rest up before we went swimming) and they were relatively easy to deal with on Sunday. Friday was also fairly fantastic.

For years we'd go to my mom's house for a BBQ before going on the boat to watch the fireworks. Well, this year, I wasn't feeling up to the fireworks (my stomach was churning and I was so nauseous that all I wanted to do was lay down) but we still went to the family BBQ - which was awesome. My family loves to dote on my kids, so having other people hang out with them gave me a much needed rest. My oldest insisted on going barefoot in the grass (that's a new one for us) and sitting next to my uncle during dinner. My youngest pocketed other people's food while they weren't looking. It's a good thing he's cute.

So, this past weekend, I got really lucky. While, yes, I felt crummy, I moved past it - which I know many people in my position can't do. We have a hard time getting up and just moving much less moving on with life. I took this weekend one day at a time - even one hour at a time. The little guy had an awesome play date with a friend from preschool and we ended our weekend with some delicious steak at my dad's house. My parents are amazing cooks - so any chance I get to eat at their house, I jump on it. Plus, my kids were so wired from the seven-layer-cake that they wound up cuddled next to each other (WHAT?!?!) in the guest room while listening to the Michigan Marching Band. My oldest insisted he wanted to sleep at Bubbie and Zeidy's house while my youngest insisted on "drawing" (never give this kid a pen or a marker).

All-in-all, it was a good weekend. I'm tan (kind of), rested (sort of), and ready for this week. I am, in fact, moving on ...


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