Holidays are the BEST...and Worst

Pup #2 - Cecil Fielder
For someone with dysautonomia, holidays can be amazing and nerve wracking. We tend to eat what feels right in the situation, but we also can get really nauseous with the smell of food. Case in point, Hannukah. We eat a lot of food that isn't good for you: potato pancakes and donuts (or, as we call them levivot/latkes and sufganiyot). Normally, I LOVE the smell of potato pancakes cooking. During Hanukkah last year, it made me want to throw up. In fact, I did - I threw up at my sister's house during Shiva for our mom (sorry, Kim - I never told you). The smell was awful.

Well, this weekend is Fourth of July weekend - so, Happy Birthday, America! This holiday could either go really well OR really poorly. We're heading to my parent's house for a BBQ on Friday and then fireworks on the boat. I haven't been on a boat since getting sick. Anxiety sets in. I might throw up. I might get dizzy. I'll likely be nauseous. I'm pretty sure I'll turn green. FUN times, right? I may eat three hot dogs or I may not because I may just want to lay on the couch and sleep.

See how fun holidays can be for someone like me? The upside is I'll get to sleep in and hang out with my kids for three days. I love the ability to hang out with my kids - yes, I wrote "ability". Sometimes I have that ability - other days I do not. Let's hope I have that ability all weekend because my kids are hilarious. But, if I don't feel well, I'll just cuddle with my cuddle-pup, Cecil. He's the greatest dog cuddler and gets really annoyed when anyone else wants to cuddle with me. He keeps me occupied when I feel gross.

Anyway, this holiday, I only ask one thing of you - pray for those who are protecting your freedom and thank someone who fought for your freedom (ok, I know, that's two things).

Let's hope this is the BEST holiday.


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