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Less Pressure-Filled Mother's Day

I hate mother's day. There. I wrote it out. Now you know. Do you know why I hate mother's day?? Because my mom isn't around for me to celebrate her. I also hate it because none of my grandmothers are around for it, either. And I hate it because it's filled with false expectations.

Growing up, I don't actually remember what we did for mother's day - I may have blocked it out. But after my parent's divorce, my mom and I would go to Greektown in Detroit for the art fair as well as the food. That's when I really started remembering mother's day.

When my parents remarried my amazing step-parents, mother's day took on a new twist: morning brunch with mom's family; and bbq dinner with my stepmom and family. As much as you might think I hated that - I actually really liked it. I really enjoyed getting the family together to honor our matriarchs.

As I got older, people in the family made it seem like mother's day was a chore. The last decent mot…