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Don't Sugar Coat Things

I have two little boys and they are growing up quickly. Over the last year or so, they started to realize that their mom isn't like all the other moms. They started realizing that their mom is sick. They notice when I need to rest. They can see when I have a migraine. They can also tell when I can't handle their shit anymore because my body feels broken and I can't focus on two things at once. They know. They know I'm not at my healthiest. They also know when I have good days. I'm fairly certain they can see when I suck it up so we can go to cool and fun stuff as a family.

I suck it up, a lot. I do. I try really hard to. Mostly because I want them to have a fun childhood. My mom was amazing but when she was ill - especially when I was younger - she didn't suck it up. We missed a lot of things because she wasn't feeling well. Much of my 12th year of life was taking care of her when she got home from work. I'd make dinner, and she'd go to sleep after…

Being a Woman Sucks...Sometimes

I'm not gonna lie - this week is rough. After feeling relatively OK during the early part of the week, I was blindsided yesterday with a migraine and hormones.

Holy hormones, Batman!

Let me back-up. I'm off my birth control because, as I mentioned a while back, we're trying to conceive kid #3. While on birth control, my menstrual cycle was normal, and my dysautonomia symptoms were in check. I knew to take iron pills when Aunt Flo (AF) showed up heavily and I knew to drink a boatload of Gatorade for a week (as opposed to the one or two glasses I need of it, daily).

Birth control also kept my chronic nausea in check because it balanced out my hormones. When I asked my OB/GYN about going off of birth control, she asked "are you sure you want to do this?" I was sure because we want another child.

Sometimes I regret that decision. Right now is one of those times.

On top of the major shifts in hormones, I told you guys about my chronic migraines. Well, with a shift in…

Sensory Processing Disorder

You guys....we had the most amazing weekend. Truly. We spent lots of time outside and I didn't pass out or get sick once. I mean, I DID need to go to bed at 7 or 8pm twice but I felt pretty good through this great Independence weekend. Ya know...minus the scalding sun burn I have now...which is what I get for sitting outside for so long.

One of the other things we did besides sit out side was create a calm-down-corner/reading nook for our oldest son.

Yo has SPD (sensory processing disorder) and expressive/receptive language impairment. You're probably thinking one of two things:
1) What the hell is that?
2) Doesn't EVERY kid have something nowadays?

So, let me answer #2 first - no. Not every kid has something. If you met my oldest, you would think he's a perfectly "normal" kid...until you spend some time with him. Then you start to see his little quirks. A therapist last year told us he seemed fine and would grow out of his quirky behavior. In the course of a…