Grateful for Insurance

This morning, my friend Sarah asked "what are you grateful for?" My answer:
"My current healthcare where I cannot get kicked off my insurance because my body fails me. I'm having a bad flare up that came out of no where and it's making me think back to when I wasn't allowed affordable health insurance - even through an employer."

You see, there was a time not too long ago when I was denied health insurance.

Delicious Tea.
Let's backtrack: I was 22 when I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC). Like dysautonomia, there were doctors who didn't believe IC was a real disorder or disease. At the time I was getting tested until the time I was diagnosed, I had insurance. By the time I had a diagnosis, my insurance told me this was a pre-existing condition that I didn't disclose and I was kicked off my insurance. None of my bills were paid.

I was 22. I didn't know how to navigate the red tape and the bureaucratic system. I felt so lost. How could I get kicked off my insurance for a condition I didn't know I had?!?

I fear I'm facing this yet, again.

I'm at home with a random flare up from IC. It feels like my lower half is on fire. Sometimes I get really lucky and the flare up eases up in a day. I'm hoping I get that lucky.

But I'm also really lucky because I have insurance through my employer and it's fairly good. I can call my physician, ask for medication or for an office visit and not pay an arm and a leg for treatment.

For today, I'm couch-bound until the pain lets up and my doctor checks email so I can acquire yet another medication that or may not help. I'm also still battling migraines - so that's not helping. Either way, I'm slightly more covered than I was at 22.


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