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Bonuses When You Feel Down

Having this disorder sucks most of the time but I'm of the belief that I need to be positive about it. One day, I will be healthy. I will have good days. I will keep my life as normal as possible.

But when I'm having off days where I feel yucky, I get excited for little bonuses. A few days ago, I received my VoxBox in the mail and it was such a picker-upper. I like getting to try new products, especially when I get to give an honest opinion in return.

So, I got my VoxBox for free from Influenster and I dove right in. Sometimes I have a hard time not ripping open the box so I can take pictures. This time, the kids reminded me to take pictures, first. The pics are not pretty.

Here's what I got:
SkinnyPop Microwavable PopcornProbiotic GummiesSay Yes To... facial maskCoconut milk shampoo and conditionerAlways pads (which are always useful)and a coupon for free yogurt
So far, I've tried the popcorn, probiotic gummies, the pads, and the hair care products.
Here are my honest …

Trying to Conceive

So sorry for not writing more. Life has been...busy.

Fair warning - this is going to be an emotional post.

Getting pregnant is a scientific miracle. There's  a scientific reason for how it happens but, for me, it's like finding a needle in a haystack - which makes it a miracle.

Before hubs and I got married, I was told that it was going to take me a long time to get pregnant so I should start before getting married. Mind you, I was living in Israel and my OB/GYN was relatively conservative and religious. But he wasn't dumb. We weren't really trying but we weren't "not" trying, either. I miscarried a few months before my wedding. I told no one - not even hubs.

The next time I miscarried was right after our honeymoon and hubs was in Miluim (reserve duty in the Israeli Defense Forces). Again, I told no one. I was already freaking out that my husband was playing with landmines for a few weeks - I didn't want to deal with people's sympathies.

The thir…