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My Daily Life is a Roller Coaster

Have you seen this video? You should. Go ahead. I'll wait.

The video shows a young woman, like me, going through her daily life and talking about it as the roller coast it is.

Some days are great. Some days are not. And the days that just suck don't just suck - they are horrific.

Last week and this weekend I started breaking out in hives for no reason. The doctors think I have Mast Cell Activation Disorder (MCAD) where my body has a histemic reaction for no particular reason - resulting in hives, red spots, and rashes (in my case); in extreme cases it causes anaphylaxis.

Sounds fun, right? By the time I got into work yesterday I couldn't stop itching and scratched the shit out of my shoulder.

When I got home, I had little energy left to do much except take a bath and go to bed. Then I could barely sleep.

Are we having fun yet?

On good days, I can play with my kids, clean the house, cook as much food as I want to, and even meditate. On bad days, I will struggle to get out …