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When Germs Appear

That pretty much sums it up right now. Fuck. I'm sick. Granted, I caught a cold. It's not as bad as the man flu but it sucks.

When you have dysautonomia and you catch a bug, it's vile. No, worse than vile. What's worse than vile. Horrid? I'm not sure but it really sucks.

Here's what happens: your body goes berserk. Seriously, it has no idea what to do. So I get more severe headaches, nausea, bloating, stiff muscles and joints, and the normal leaky nose. Coughing gets worse and your breathing becomes labored. Sounds fun, right?!?

It's not.

Right now I'm just waiting to see if this morning's eggs make a second appearance.

So, when germs appear in other people, we prefer those people stay home when they can. I'm lucky, I work at a place where people can stay home and work remotely. Do they? No! And it's fucking annoying.

At the office, my desk drawers look like a mix of what you'd find at Whole Foods and CVS. I have four different kinds of…