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Feeling Blue

I'm in the middle of a big set back. HUGE. I feel really sick. For the last two months I felt a little sick. Now I feel REALLY sick. Sunday I took our new puppy, Rae, to the vet for her puppy shots and I nearly threw up while visiting with the vet. I wound up sleeping most of the day and missed dinner with the parents. That's how sick I was.

When I say that I'm sick, here are a few of my symptoms:

exhaustion (no, this isn't tired)joint painmuscle painnausea (holy cow - I can't eat much)bloatingloss of appetiteacid refluxlethargygassinus painfeeling out of ithand twitching

Needless to say, I don't feel like eating and raising my head takes more effort than I care to admit.

I feel kind of helpless today, which is making me feel blue. Send good vibes that this ends quickly - I have a BIG week ahead.

An Open Letter to A$$holes

Hi friends! I know it's been a while but I've been so busy with work and the kids that I haven't had time to check in. No joke. We're talking 60+ hour work weeks. Yes, it makes me exhausted.

I'm carving out a few minutes today to focus on something important: supporting patients with chronic illnesses.

In the Facebook groups that I often involve myself in, I find patients with chronic illness facing unimaginable emotional hardships brought on by the very people who are supposed to love them unconditionally. That's right! I'm talking about parents and partners. But mostly parents. And sometimes partners.

First and foremost, we don't ask to be sick. We don't want to be sick. Some of us were "perfectly normal" before we got sick. So, I'm going to lay some truth down and hope that some of it sticks. (Pardon me, in advance, if I seem angry and's because I am. This sh*t really pisses me off!!)

When you tell someone that an…