The Detox Phase

My energy levels...
I'm movin' on up ... in this four month process of getting better. I'm starting the detox phase of my diet. My doctor wanted to postpone it but I said "I'd rather feel like shit now than in March". Why? Because my best friends from Israel are visiting in March and I'd rather not feel sick to my stomach.

Downside? I'm going to feel like shit the rest of this month and likely for the next few months.

Upside? This will hopefully get rid of the toxins in my system.

Side effects? Not entirely sure but I can tell you that there's a lot Yup. Lots of that. I did some digging on side effects of "MetalloClear" but really couldn't find any. People who blog mentioned that high doses make them sick, so I guess it's a good thing we're starting off slowly. No headaches. No nausea. Just some bloating and, um, that waste stuff I was talking about.

After sitting with Dr. Simmons yesterday, we reviewed some of my labs and we learned that I have a vitamin and mineral deficiency (which I kind of already knew). My body doesn't like to absorb vitamins and minerals for some stupid reason. I was prescribed another supplement to try to get my body to absorb fats properly, so it stops holding onto the fat in my system. Hoarding is bad. Your body hoarding fat is worse.

Since my little escape off the diet-deep-end, I gained back two pounds. I'm 99% sure that'll go away tomorrow. It's the whole "waste" issue. And also the fact that I went ape shit for sugar. I reeled it back in today. Vegetables are my best friend. So is cinnamon tea.

I'll keep you all up to date on this latest phase within the next few weeks!


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