Healthy Diet Update - Day 25

Phase I is almost over. SO CLOSE! And yet, I don't find myself feeling deprived at all. I've found a few new recipes that I really love. All of a sudden, I like chili. And I like meatballs, too! Best of all - I like vegetables. I developed a palate for it. For lunch today I had a simple salad and added chicken - then moved the chicken to the side of my plate because I didn't want it any more. I just wanted salad. I eat more vegetable-based soups now and I eat so much SALAD... and it's never boring. Truly.

Another bonus: I lost 10 lbs.

That's a lot of me since I struggled with my weight for the last two (+) years. 

The real question people keep asking me is "but how do you feel?" Honestly, I feel better. I still have my days where I get tired easily. Through two weeks of phase I, I had a cold and I didn't really feel like eating much. I stuck to eating more veggies, less meat and even used at-home-recipes to help with inflammation.

While I love having a healthier lifestyle, I'll be SO happy when I can stop drinking these shakes. They are horrible. They make my skin crawl and I hate it.

Aside from that, I do feel fairly good. Even though I had a cold, rather than taking a full week off of work because I was debilitated, I was couch-ridden for two days and really only felt yucky at work once.

While I do "cheat" every once in a while, it's usually small and I track how I feel when I eat something I'm not supposed to. In short, it usually makes me feel like shit.

The rest of the family has adjusted their diets, too. The big kid usually eats my salad...while I'm eating it and the bulldozer (my youngest) will often eat any vegetable you give him. My big kid (who is almost 4!!) was a riot when I gave him kohlrabi - he didn't know what to make of it but came back for more. His brother was tricked into eating it and now likes it.

All in all, this diet was a great idea. I wish I started sooner.


  1. Try adding kale shakes - when done right, they're tasty and extremely healthy :)

    1. Yuck. Kale is a garnish for me, not something I want to eat. I'm on medical shakes right now and they are gross.


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