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Dreams and Consequences

I always wanted to be a writer but I was always told that writers don't make a good living. Yet, it was writing that paid my bills when we lived in Israel. And it's writing that keeps me from going insane while battling dysautonomia. Sometimes I get sick of writing about being sick - so I like to write about other my kids. I'm very cognoscente of the fact that one day my kids may read what I wrote about them - so I always try to put a good spin on it. I'm aware of the consequences of making my kids' lives public and I never want them to become public fodder.

When I was younger, I dreamed of being a famous writer living in Israel. I wanted to write books of my experiences there. But those dreams don't pay the bills, so I became an SEO person and a copy writer. THAT paid my bills - but it didn't make me feel like I accomplished my dreams. I started writing articles while I lived in Israel -  mostly articles for my job. But I never let go of the …

Healthy Diet Update - Day 25

Phase I is almost over. SO CLOSE! And yet, I don't find myself feeling deprived at all. I've found a few new recipes that I really love. All of a sudden, I like chili. And I like meatballs, too! Best of all - I like vegetables. I developed a palate for it. For lunch today I had a simple salad and added chicken - then moved the chicken to the side of my plate because I didn't want it any more. I just wanted salad. I eat more vegetable-based soups now and I eat so much SALAD... and it's never boring. Truly.

Another bonus: I lost 10 lbs.

That's a lot of me since I struggled with my weight for the last two (+) years. 

The real question people keep asking me is "but how do you feel?" Honestly, I feel better. I still have my days where I get tired easily. Through two weeks of phase I, I had a cold and I didn't really feel like eating much. I stuck to eating more veggies, less meat and even used at-home-recipes to help with inflammation.

While I love having…

Healthy Diet Update - Day 11

Someone once said it takes 11 days to start a new habit. I'm on day 11 of this lifestyle change. I'm having a few issues:
raw vegetables are tiresome
the shakes make me nauseous sometimes
the supplements are often like horse-tablets
my brain still wants sugar...well, chocolate

So those are some of my hang-ups. Before I dive into those a bit more, let me tell you about my accomplishments:
I haven't been to McDonald's in two weeks (those fries are my weakness!)
I'm rarely hungry
I like carrots (if you know me, you know I hated carrots)
I lost five pounds

I want to tell you I have more energy but I don't. I have headaches nearly every day. My skin is breaking out but that's more likely because I'm getting rid of the toxins. There's always that little voice in my head saying "this isn't right for you - just give up" but I can't and I won't. I don't want to give up. I know that voice isn't real and I know it's trying to…

Health and Wellness for 2016

Holy Crap! It's already 2016! That's a bit insane for me. Let me recap December:

Went to Florida with the family. We drove. I survived.

Started a new health path with the Integrative Wellness Center (more on that in a bit).

Organized a lot of my house.

Had more good days than bad.

Switched cell phone carriers.

That sums it up fairly well.

I was barely symptomatic while we were on vacation - which was amazing! It was hot but I stayed hydrated and I rested when I needed to. I got sick towards the end of our trip with a virus but it was more manageable while we were in warm weather than it would have been if I was in Detroit and working.

Towards the end of November, I took my health into my hands with some help from my friend, Missy. I was at my lowest and realized I was in a nasty cycle of constantly being sick and taking medication. This is part of the problem with having dysautonomia - we can really only treat the symptoms, not heal the disorder. So, I sought outside help and sta…