Trying Not to Puke

Good morning! If you're wandering over from Kveller - WELCOME! This is a space where I share my thoughts, feelings, symptoms, and the every day life of living with dysautonomia. Today's topic: vomit. It's ok if you want to back away now or go look at some less icky posts.

Over the last week I've been feeling really sick. First I was ACTUALLY sick with a stupid virus but when someone with dysautonomia get sick, it usually takes us a billion times longer to get over whatever illness we had. A cold can last around a month. The flu? Try two weeks. A stomach bug? About a week or more with lingering symptoms. I had some undefined bug that left me sidelined and...NAUSEOUS!

The nausea is persistent. It won't go away. I've tried nearly everything including peppermint tea, peppermint/lavender essential oils (smells pretty, does nothing for me), ginger, ginger chews, ginger candy, ginger tea, Vernors ginger ale (I love this stuff), emetrol, Pop Tarts, sugar syrup, cola syrup, cinnamon tea, cinnamon oil, eating nothing but soup, eating nothing but liquids, and, of course, actual medication. I also tried sea bands.

How's that for a laundry list of crazy things to try?

Anyway, as I sit in the office, I'm doing EVERYTHING I can to not throw up. Including, but not limited to, drinking various teas while sucking on a ginger candy after taking my anti-emetic. I feel a little helpless and a little hopeless. For many patients with dysautonomia, eating is a luxury. I'm not that patient. I can eat but it doesn't always stay down...if ya know what I mean. So this is what I'm left with today. Feeling gross while at my desk, trying to focus on anything OTHER than the gremlin that lives in my stomach and his current hangover that's leaving me nauseous.

Any questions?


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