Wear Blue for Dysautonomia

Are you wearing blue today? I AM!! I'm wearing blue to help spread awareness for dysautonomia patients like me and millions of other people around the world. Unlike breast cancer, most of the world doesn't know that dysautonomia exists. Patients are often told it's all in their heads and they need to see a shrink. Many patients have a hard time being functional every day and their families just think they are being lazy and anti-social.

This is a real illness and it's an illness that's covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. It's a chronic illness (read: reoccurring) that happens to also be an invisible illness (read: we look fine on the outside but feel like hell on the inside). So, today, wear blue!

Wear blue. Take pictures of it. Tag me on FB and Instagram. Show me and the world that you support us.

I'll be taking videos all day, so feel free to friend me on FB and share them!


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