The Cold That Won't Die

Every once in a while I get an awesome VoxBox from Influenster. Sometimes it contains beauty care, other times it contains nail polish. This time, it contained the Braun Thermoscan and I got a chance to play around with it at the perfect time!! Seriously. We're all sick. The kids have had a cold for about 10 days now and I'm at the tail end of it, too. This is the kind of cold that knocks you on your ass.

I keep coughing. When I cough, I look up easy remedies on pinterest. I hate taking more meds than I need to. That's the thing about dysautonomia patients, many of us take SO much medication that we hate taking more of it. Bring on the homemade (read: old school) remedies.

And the nausea won't die. My tell-all symptom that I'm not feeling well comes in the form of debilitating nausea. Which means I don't want to eat. All I want is tea...which isn't good because I need more water than tea. Too much tea brings on the tachycardia. Which  makes me weak. And that makes me cranky.

So this thermometer that I got for free really came at an awesome time. I hate taking my temperature and my kids hate having theirs taken, too. Plus, it gets germs all over it. When you have dysautonomia, you really want to steer clear of extra germs. That's what makes this thermometer perfect. My normal body temperature is actually not 98.6. It's closer to 97.7. The downside of this thermometer is that it takes my temperature at 96.8 ... which doesn't seem right. Still, it scans my kids at 98.6. My oldest had a slight fever on Saturday, which was 99.8. That lasted about two hours, he napped, and he woke up totally fine (albeit completely cranky because he's 3). So at least I know it works.

Got any tips for knocking this cold out of my system?

Disclaimer: I was given the thermometer to review but I was not paid to write anything and the opinions are all my own. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to eat more chicken soup...which is delicious because I made it. I wasn't paid to say that either.


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