The Good Days

Every once in a while I have really good days...or a few really good days in a row. I'm on a hot streak right now (not to get ahead of myself). I was able to put on jeans this morning. This may seem trivial but usually any pants that add pressure to my abdomen are a no-no. I spent most of my weekend in compression leggings (disguised as yoga pants), so to put on jeans, a nice t-shirt, and jewelry is a g-d send for me.

We spent the weekend chillin' - while I grocery shopped on Saturday, we also spent time with my stepdad and also my dad. It was nice! It was great to eat food without worrying that I might hurl it up later. Even if my body didn't fully LOVE what I ate, I got a chance to eat. This disease gives you perspective.

I also got a chance to potty train my three-year-old. I know, I'm a glutton for punishment. But if I'm feeling well, I want to take advantage of it. This kid sleeps well but is a pain in the ass to potty train. When he doesn't want to go, there isn't a bribe in the world that will make him sit on the potty. It WILL make his two-year-old brother sit on the potty, though. Go figure.

Bottom line is that I got to spend quality time with my family this weekend and it felt really good to feel moderately "normal". I'll take the good days, as many as I can get, and hold onto them with all my might. I'll remember them when I'm having bad days because I know that this too shall pass. I may never be free from dysautonomia - I'm coming to terms with that but those good days are so helpful in reminding me that there ARE good days.


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