Super HOT!

Hi friends! I know, it's been a while since I sent along a blog post for your entertainment. It's been TWO weeks since I had to miss work because I was ill. This week will be week #3 - so I'd like to keep that streak going.

I'm learning some new things about myself. For one, I'm super hot. I don't mean physically - I mean temperature wise. Lately, I've been so super hot that I had to do this:
Can you see the ice pack??
Yeah, I had to wear an ice pack on my chest yesterday because I was so HOT that I was afraid I'd pass out. It wasn't fun, to say the least. I was sweating profusely at my cousin's house last night. Not really the kind of look you want to show off when you're surrounded by family. Upside: you're surrounded by family. Downside: you feel gross.

Anyway, my body temperature fluctuates a lot. I've had this problem for about 12 years now but it's worse now. Coming to terms with how hot I am isn't easy. It makes me so irritable that I wouldn't even want to hang out with me. None of this helps with Michigan's ever-changing weather. One day it's hot (90 degrees!) and the next day it's not (64 degrees!) - it happens that quickly around here.

If you see me outside walking, and I'm not accompanied by anyone, please walk my ass back inside and remind me that being outside in this heat - while I'm already hot - will likely make me pass out.


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