Brain Fog

Brain fog. It sucks.

Ever woken up from a drunken bender and thought "why can't I focus today?!?" or "why does everything feel so fuzzy?" You have? Great! Well, not great but then you can kinda understand where those of us with dysautonomia come from when we say we have brain fog.

Let's back track a bit.

Friday I took my last dose of prednisone for a sinus infection that still won't go away (and I won't concede to it being a cold). I felt like the world was on fire.  I had so much energy that it gave me a false sense of hope and I went about my day. I over did it. I woke up both Saturday and Sunday with brain fog. That inability to think rationally (or at all) killed my weekend. I was stressed and agitated. Even napping didn't help.

Then came the little guy's 2nd birthday party. Talk about over doing it. While it was amazing to see him enjoy himself around his family and friends, the aftermath left me feeling like an arthritic old lady. My joints hurt and I was exhausted. Plus, the little prince would NOT go to bed...or stay in bed. Yay for the terrible twos.

This morning, I woke up with major brain fog and also woke up feeling like I was kinda drunk (but I don't drink - for the record). Usually I call into work when I feel like I can't drive but I got up, showered, took some energy chews, drank a ton of water and felt functional.

Brain fog, however, doesn't always disappear and people with dysautonomia can't just *snap* out of it. You can see when we look out of it. We are listening to you speak and taking everything in but it won't register for a while. There's no cure for brain fog - it just has to pass. Go easy on us - it's all we ask of you.


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