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Super HOT!

Hi friends! I know, it's been a while since I sent along a blog post for your entertainment. It's been TWO weeks since I had to miss work because I was ill. This week will be week #3 - so I'd like to keep that streak going.

I'm learning some new things about myself. For one, I'm super hot. I don't mean physically - I mean temperature wise. Lately, I've been so super hot that I had to do this:
Yeah, I had to wear an ice pack on my chest yesterday because I was so HOT that I was afraid I'd pass out. It wasn't fun, to say the least. I was sweating profusely at my cousin's house last night. Not really the kind of look you want to show off when you're surrounded by family. Upside: you're surrounded by family. Downside: you feel gross.

Anyway, my body temperature fluctuates a lot. I've had this problem for about 12 years now but it's worse now. Coming to terms with how hot I am isn't easy. It makes me so irritable that I wouldn'…

The Good Days

Every once in a while I have really good days...or a few really good days in a row. I'm on a hot streak right now (not to get ahead of myself). I was able to put on jeans this morning. This may seem trivial but usually any pants that add pressure to my abdomen are a no-no. I spent most of my weekend in compression leggings (disguised as yoga pants), so to put on jeans, a nice t-shirt, and jewelry is a g-d send for me.

We spent the weekend chillin' - while I grocery shopped on Saturday, we also spent time with my stepdad and also my dad. It was nice! It was great to eat food without worrying that I might hurl it up later. Even if my body didn't fully LOVE what I ate, I got a chance to eat. This disease gives you perspective.

I also got a chance to potty train my three-year-old. I know, I'm a glutton for punishment. But if I'm feeling well, I want to take advantage of it. This kid sleeps well but is a pain in the ass to potty train. When he doesn't want to go, t…

The Relapse

One of the things I've learned with having dysautonomia is that just when you're starting to feel great (and you're filled with false hope), you relapse. It's like a big crane dragging you down, plunging you into a pool of water and you don't know how you're going to come out of it. Plus, the brain fog.

Sounds shitty, right?

It is.

A lot of "what's wrong with me" is classified as a heart problem but this relapse has more to do with gastric issues than my heart. My form of dysautonomia causes my entire nervous system to go haywire and about 70% of your nervous system is in your abdomen. You do the math.

I could feel this one coming on. Monday, while sitting at work, my arms and shoulders felt really heavy. After dinner, my stomach started cramping. If you've ever had a cramp in your leg, imagine that cramp in your abdomen. Over and over and over. That feeling continues today. If you think it's painful, it is - in case you were wondering.


Brain Fog

Brain fog. It sucks.

Ever woken up from a drunken bender and thought "why can't I focus today?!?" or "why does everything feel so fuzzy?" You have? Great! Well, not great but then you can kinda understand where those of us with dysautonomia come from when we say we have brain fog.

Let's back track a bit.

Friday I took my last dose of prednisone for a sinus infection that still won't go away (and I won't concede to it being a cold). I felt like the world was on fire.  I had so much energy that it gave me a false sense of hope and I went about my day. I over did it. I woke up both Saturday and Sunday with brain fog. That inability to think rationally (or at all) killed my weekend. I was stressed and agitated. Even napping didn't help.

Then came the little guy's 2nd birthday party. Talk about over doing it. While it was amazing to see him enjoy himself around his family and friends, the aftermath left me feeling like an arthritic old lady. My j…