The "Others"

I'm having a rough day and I think my brain fog is due to how hot it is outside. I know, you're thinking "Hillary - wtf! You used to live in the Middle East!" Truthfully, I love the heat but my body does not. It causes my symptoms to worsen. When that happens, I try to put out as much good energy as I can. I practice mindfulness, meditation (various forms), and gratitude. Right now, I need to shed some light on the "others". The "others" are people who take the time to check in on me (even just asking how I'm feeling when they see me) and those that actively take care of me (it takes a village, people!) - these people are my rock.

First, there's my husband. We're coming up on our fifth wedding anniversary. Does that mean I can get him the traditional gift of wood? Anyway, my husband is my rock. He keeps me centered while also making me crazy. He gives me time to rest when I need it and tries to keep it all together when I feel like my world is falling apart. I may not always show it but I love this man to pieces.

Next up: my parents. All three of them. With my mom being gone, it feels like the remaining three parents stepped-it-up and they often watch over me like a hawk. When I'm sick, at home, and I need soup because I can't drive - my dad comes through with soup and a deli sandwich (gotta get that salt!) and my stepmom makes soup ahead of time in case I need it and they aren't in town. My stepdad will often drive up to our house to see the kids and invite us over for dinner just so I don't have to cook. Every little bit helps.

Then comes my kids... oh those little faces. Their hugs do wonders for my soul. There are times where I'm bed-bound and unable to move. With an iPad in hand, my three-year-old will come sit with me in bed and watch his cartoons. If I'm on the couch, my two-year-old will climb up and lay next to me. I live for them.

My siblings are amazing - they are there when I need them and often help me navigate parenting. When I need a break, I'm usually given an option of dropping off my kids so someone else can watch them for a bit. My cousins are like that, too. We all live near each other - for the most part - so it's nice having other people around to hang out with the boys so I can rest and my husband can do yard work.

A lot of my coworkers know that I'm sick - some of them don't care but many of them do. Today, alone, I was told I look a little "green" and out of it. They let me babble on about how I feel and they check in on me when I'm at home. I'm grateful for their understanding because it takes away my anxiety when I'm home-bound and ill.

In reality, I have a lot to be grateful for and these "others" are just the start of the list. I'll follow up another day with more but, for now, let me just say: thank you.


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